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Preventio and PipePredict merge to redefine the future of pipe monitoring

Team Picture f.l.t.r. Peter Yves Ruland. Valerie Fehst, Andreas Bechmann, Bledion Vladi, Tri-Duc Nghiem

Merger combines predictive maintenance with real-time leak detection

Frankfurt, 14.09.2023Preventio GmbH, known for its innovative predictive maintenance technology, and PipePredict, pioneers in live leak detection, today announced their official merger. This strategic decision aims to combine the strengths of both companies and set a new standard in pipe monitoring.

By merging Preventio’s sensorless technology with PipePredict’s digital twin solutions, not only real estate and insurance companies benefit from advanced predictive maintenance solutions. Above all, it offers city and water utilities decisive advantages in the monitoring and maintenance of their networks. But industrial companies and industrial parks can also benefit significantly from the solution: The rapid detection and precise localization of damage can enable cost savings of up to 60%, minimize downtime, and prevent the loss of resources such as water and energy.

The merger marks a significant moment in our industry, said Andreas Bechmann, founder and CEO of Preventio. Together, we will be able to offer complementary services to our customers and transform the way pipeline damage is detected and prevented.

With the merger, customers can expect a holistic approach to pipeline system prevention and maintenance that leverages the best technologies of both Preventio and PipePredict. Joint customers include companies and institutions such as Mannheimer Versorgungsgesellschaft (MVV), Stadtwerke Bad Homburg, and Infraserv Höchst, who already benefit from the innovative solutions offered by both companies.

This merger of Preventio and PipePredict symbolizes a big step for Stadtwerke Bad Homburg towards a future-oriented, more sustainable urban development. As mayor, I am very grateful and see many opportunities in our municipal utilities being part of this innovative movement. Together, we are committed to an intelligent, resource-conserving future, said Dr. Oliver Jedynak, Mayor of Bad Homburg, commenting on the merger.

Valerie Fehst, founder of PipePredict and newly appointed Co-Managing Director of Preventio, also expressed her excitement about the merger, This is a great opportunity for both companies to combine our technologies and offer one solution. We look forward to joining our strengths and helping our customers experience network reliability at a new level.

Preventio and PipePredict look forward to a future where predictive technologies become the norm. Plans are in place to invest in the newly fused technologies to address additional application areas such as oil, gas, and compressed air piping, and to strengthen its overall market position. The existing investors of both companies, including renowned venture capitalists such as Futury Capital, BM H, and Übermorgen Ventures, as well as experienced business angels such as Andreas Haug, Christoph Benner, and Marcus Laube, are also convinced of the merger and have decided to provide further funding in the course of the transaction.

About Preventio

Founded in Frankfurt in 2021 by Andreas Bechmann, Bledion Vladi, and former Microsoft director Peter Yves Ruland, Preventio underwent a successful pre-seed funding round with Futury Capital, BMH, and other well-known investors. The company leverages AI technology to accurately predict pipeline and building damages, offering proactive damage prevention solutions. This innovative approach has the potential to transform the predictive maintenance industry, minimize resource loss, and enhance urban life quality.

About PipePredict

Established in 2020 through the collaborative efforts of Valerie Fehst and Tri-Duc Nghiem, PipePredict seeks to significantly address global water supply and energy efficiency challenges through technology. Supported by Smart Infrastructure Ventures, Übermorgen Ventures, and Karemha Holding, the company applies its technology not only in conventional water supply networks but also in district heating systems.

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